1-Minute Video
    Cataract/Anterior Segment, Retina/Vitreous

    In this 1-Minute Video, Drs. Ferhina Ali and Julia Haller retrieve an anteriorly migrated Iluvien implant in a pseudophakic patient with an intact posterior capsule and a prior history of open-angle glaucoma and diabetic macular edema. The patient presented asymptomatic for routine follow-up 3 months after injection of the implant. There was no corneal decompensation. The casing of the Iluvien implant is made of a polyamide, a material commonly used for intraocular lenses; it does not dissolve nor is it friable like the Ozurdex implant. Initial attempts to grasp the implant with forceps were unsuccessful, thus a they elected to use a no-touch approach that is commonly used for retrieving displaced Ozurdex implants.  

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