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  • The year 2020 presents a unique opportunity to inspire people to take better care of their eyes and to educate them about the benefits of visiting an ophthalmologist. It’s also a great opportunity to celebrate the best in ophthalmology.

    The Year 2020 is a Celebration of Ophthalmology

    • The Academy is shining a light on some of ophthalmology’s many unsung heroes; those who quietly serve the underserved, who mentor the next generation, who share their skills with the world. Throughout the year, we’ll bring you stories of unsung heroes, through video and words.
    • The Academy is featuring some of ophthalmology’s brilliant innovators in a video series that tells the stories behind the groundbreaking treatments and technologies that have transformed patients’ lives.
    • The Academy is honoring every Laureate winner during AAO 2020 with a special publication.
    • AAO 2020 will feature a special keynote speaker, celebrated author Malcolm Gladwell

    The Year 2020 is an Opportunity to Educate

    The Academy conducted a Harris Poll during the summer of 2019 to gauge people’s attitudes and knowledge about eye health. The results of this poll – which showed Americans lack knowledge that could protect them from vision loss – are the foundation of our public education campaign. It’s a campaign that puts the ophthalmologist, and their unique credentials, front and center. We are:

    • Promoting a series of “20 Things” articles featured on EyeSmart (subjects range from 20 surprising conditions ophthalmologists can diagnose by looking into your eye, to 20 famous celebrities with eye diseases)
    • Developing infographics that illustrate eye health risks and when to see an ophthalmologist
    • Executing a year-long social media campaign using video, articles and infographics, amplified with the hashtag #YearOfTheEye
    • Opening the Truhlsen-Marmor Museum of the Eye in 2020, the world’s first, free-admission public museum dedicated to vision and eye health.
    • Conducting national and regional media outreach to secure articles featuring Academy spokespeople. This includes online, print, radio and broadcast outlets
    • Delivering our message throughout the year with a unique focus on eye health each month

    Get Involved in #YearOfTheEye

    The Academy has created a tool kit of materials to help you celebrate 2020 and educate your patients and community. Including:

    • Printable infographics for your office
    • Templated press releases that you can personalize and send to your local media. To request lists for media in your area, contact the Academy’s Public Relations Department at
    • Templated social media content. Don’t forget the hashtag #YearOfTheEye
    • New content will be added throughout the year

    The year 2020 is a year to educate the public, celebrate the best of ophthalmology and inspire the next generation. Join us in celebrating the Year of the Eye.