• MOC Study Recources

    The Academy has resources to help you meet MOC requirements, earn CME credits and prepare for the MOC examinations. Products are based on the Practicing Ophthalmologists Curriculum (POC) a knowledge base of information developed by teams of practicing ophthalmologists, who are members of the Academy. The POC comprises the most clinically relevant information that practicing ophthalmologists in each subspecialty need to know to remain current in their practices. The POC is based on the MOC Content Outline and organized by practice emphasis area. All Academy MOC Essentials products are based on the POC. View the POC topics in each area.

    Academy MOC Essentials®

    MOC Exam Review Course
    Study for the Demonstration of Ophthalmic Cognitive Knowledge (DOCK) examination with the only review course based on the POC.

    MOC Exam Review Course on Demand
    Attend the live MOC Exam Review Course - at home and on your own schedule. The MOC Course on Demand provides audio recordings and presentation slides from the July 2014 live course.

    Practicing Ophthalmologists Learning System
    Prepare for MOC examinations using a comprehensive online lifelong learning program that provides a clinically relevant review of topics across all practice emphasis areas (PEAs) in ophthalmology including opportunities for self-assessment and for earning CME credits. "MOC Only" filters allow you to focus on POC topics and efficiently prepare for MOC examinations.