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  • Brand Strategy

    Rebranding Our Profession to Improve Patient and Public Engagement in Eye Health

    The Academy’s new logo contains a purple icon that appears as light emanating from a central focal point. This image symbolizes the Academy’s role as the nucleus of the profession of ophthalmology. It is the first significant logo redesign in the Academy’s 119-year history.

    The Academy unveiled a new brand strategy and identity that emphasizes the life-changing impact of medical eye care on society. At the AAO 2015 opening session, Academy CEO David W. Parke II, MD, shared the organization’s plans to bolster public awareness of the importance of quality medical and surgical eye care.

    The Academy’s brand evolution extends beyond a new visual identity system. The organization is making major changes to how it presents its resources and leadership efforts. Several sub-brands, such as the EyeSmart, EyeCare America and EyeWiki programs, have been united under a single brand identity to more clearly identify these programs and services as Academy resources. These changes will be evident in the Academy’s educational offerings for physicians, practice management services, patient education resources and public communications programs. The Academy’s government advocacy work, data-science initiatives and fundraising efforts also will reflect the new brand.

    “The size and scope of the Academy’s work has grown immensely for nearly 120 years,” said Dr. Parke. “Our global efforts to improve eye care and educate the public about its importance are vast and varied. As the Academy’s work and influence continue to grow, we must present these efforts in a manner that unifies and guides our endeavors to protect and restore vision so that people can live life to the fullest.”

    The Academy’s rebranding results from more than two years of interviews, research and input from hundreds of ophthalmologists across the United States and abroad.

    Launching New Website to Provide Intuitive, Mobile Member Experience’s new responsive design makes it easier than ever to access content from your phone or tablet.

    The Academy launched a new in 2015 The new website makes it easier than ever for ophthalmologists and their staffs to access the latest medical guidance to ensure their patients receive the best possible care. With more than 5 million visitors a year, the Academy’s website is a leading educational resource for ophthalmology practices worldwide.

    The new, mobile-optimized, site works on any device, has a more streamlined login and navigation experience and offers more robust subspecialty and advocacy content. The site also combines major sections such as EyeSmart® and the American Academy of Ophthalmology Foundation under a single website and technology platform for a more seamless user experience.

    New and improved features include:

    • Enhanced subspecialty pages that hone in on news, education and resources most relevant to subspecialists’ area of clinical focus.
    • Easier access to the Academy’s Ophthalmic News and Education (ONE) Network, the world’s largest resource for online clinical education content.
    • A reorganized practice management portal, which provides unrivaled access to educational resources and professional services for ophthalmic administrative staff.
    • Enhanced user engagement tools that include the re-launch of Academy Forum. Previously called the Online Community, the new forum provides a private discussion board for the organization’s members to collaborate on challenging cases and share thoughts on clinical topics of mutual interest.
    • Expanded governmental affairs and health policy section, which provides Academy members with expert analysis on policy and regulations that affect the medical community. More than 20 new issue summaries succinctly explain topics ranging from Medicare reform to global surgery payments.