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    International Lounge
    Erfan Khadem, MD, and Benjamin D. Siatuu, MBBS, enjoy moments of camaraderie in the International Lounge between sessions at AAO 2016.

    Members of the Academy are a community of 32,000 ophthalmologists from around the world who are passionate about protecting vision and fighting preventable blindness. The Academy seeks to provide our members with the highest quality ophthalmic education and the necessary resources to stay current on the latest research, manage a profitable practice and, most importantly, provide the best care for our patients.

    Connecting you with top talent

    The Academy’s Ophthalmology Job Center continues to grow in popularity, connecting practices with the most qualified and talented ophthalmologists and ophthalmic professionals in the United States. In 2016 alone, close to 600 employers posted almost 1,700 jobs on the website—reaching an audience of nearly 1,300 job seekers.

    Enriching your network

    Academy members enjoy special networking privileges, with access to a valuable network of contacts. Connect and collaborate in the members-only Academy Forum and promote your practice through Find an Ophthalmologist. Meet new friends and reconnect with old ones at the Academy’s annual meeting, where 25,000 physicians, health professionals and industry representatives convene.

    Helping you conquer your challenges with leading practice resources

    Academy members can practice more effectively with complimentary access to the full text of Ophthalmology and 10 other world-class journals, as well as our Preferred Practice Pattern® guidelines. Plus, U.S. members enjoy exclusive participation in the IRIS® Registry, an indispensable tool for satisfying quality reporting requirements.

    Protecting the interests of our patients

    As a member, you can play an active role in influencing health care policy decisions. We provide the resources you need to engage with elected officials and policy makers, whether in Washington, D.C., or your state or local districts. This collective effort with your colleagues helps preserve access to the sight-saving care our patients deserve.

    Giving you the latest in world-class research and professional news

    In November, the Academy announced the appointment of Stephen D. McLeod, MD, as editor-in-chief of the Academy’s flagship Ophthalmology journal. “Ophthalmology has evolved to become the dominant forum for dissemination of the very best evidence we have today for clinical practice,” said Dr. McLeod. The journal published 296 research articles in 2016, maintaining a 15% acceptance rate, and has an Impact Factor of 6.75.

    The award-winning EyeNet Magazine continues to serve as the premier source of credible clinical information and news for ophthalmologists, giving members clinical advice you can immediately apply in your practice. This year, EyeNet published a new supplement on electronic health records and a young ophthalmologist supplement.

    Academy Membership at a Glance

    Voluntary information provided by members who are practicing ophthalmologists. Does not include members-in-training or retired members. 

    Note that Academy data indicate that many subspecialists also devote a portion of their time to comprehensive ophthalmology.

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