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  • Guests of Honor

    2022 Guest of Honor Awardee: Edward G. Buckley, MD

    Awards Committee

    The American Academy of Ophthalmology and Academy President Robert E. Wiggins, MD, MHA are pleased to recognize Edward G. Buckley, MD as a guest of honor at AAO 2022.

    Dr. Buckley is professor and chair of the Duke University department of ophthalmology. He also serves as vice chancellor for Duke-National University Singapore affairs and is vice dean of education at the Duke School of Medicine.

    Dr. Buckley’s enthusiasm for the fields of pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus and neuro-ophthalmology was one of the main reasons Academy President Dr. Robert Wiggins Jr. decided to pursue a similar career specializing in both pediatrics and neuro-ophthalmology. In addition to his exceptional skills as an educator and mentor, Dr. Buckley has an extensive publication history and a career path that has taken him in many different directions.

    Dr. Wiggins credits Dr. Buckley for teaching him that the best way to solve difficult cases is to always be skeptical of a patient’s prior diagnoses, findings, and test results and to start at the beginning with a patient with their medical history and examination.