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  • Guests of Honor

    2022 Guest of Honor Awardee: Edward K. Isbey Jr, MD

    Awards Committee

    The American Academy of Ophthalmology and Academy President Robert E. Wiggins, MD, MHA are pleased to recognize Edward K. Isbey Jr., MD as a guest of honor at AAO 2022.

    Dr. Isbey is the (retired) founding partner of Asheville Eye Associates. He was a consulting professor of ophthalmology at Duke University and trained many Duke ophthalmology residents in cataract surgery at the Charles George Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

    Dr. Isbey found great joy in volunteering for the Academy where he served on numerous committees including as a trustee on the Academy’s Board of Trustees. Dr. Wiggins credits Dr. Isbey for his involvement with the Academy, where he too has served on numerous committees before serving as this year’s president. Dr. Wiggins first met Dr. Isbey as a third-year resident during a rotation at the Asheville VA Medical Center where they used to meet early in the morning for breakfast at the diner across the street.

    At Asheville Eye Associates, Dr. Isbey was a strong influence and mentor for Dr. Wiggins in the area of practice administration and in his role as managing partner of the practice. Dr. Isbey has always lived life to the fullest and had a great joy for the profession and his interactions with patients, staff, and colleagues.