• 2019 Election Results: 

    The Academy conducted its 2019 election from Oct. 14 to Nov. 12. A total of 16,391 ballots were sent to the membership, of which 1,971 were returned for tabulation. The election results for the Board of Trustees officers and the trustee-at-large position are as follows:

    • President-Elect: Tamara R. Fountain, MD
    • Senior Secretary for Ophthalmic Practice: Ravi D. Goel, MD
    • Secretary for Annual Meeting: Maria M. Aaron, MD
    • Trustee-at-Large: Mary Louise Z. Collins, MD
    • Trustee-at-Large: Ron W. Pelton, MD, PhD
    • Council Chair: Sarwat Salim, MD, FACS
    • Council Vice Chair: Thomas A. Graul, MD

    Code of Ethics Amendments approved:

    Rule B3 Research and Innovation: This amendment more specifically defines the ethical responsibilities of ophthalmic researchers in order to advance the best interests of patients.

    New Rule B18 Harassment and Discrimination: This new rule addresses harassment and discrimination as inconsistent with the ideals and principles of ethics in ophthalmology.

    Read the full amendment language in the Academy's Blog.

    Election Summary

    • Total ballots distributed: 16,391
    • Valid returns for candidates: 1,971
    • Percent total returns: 12%
    • Voting by mail: 541
    • Voting by Internet: 1,430

    Results supplied by the Academy’s election agent, Intelliscan, Inc.