• 2020 Election Results: 

    The Academy conducted its 2020 election from Nov. 16 to Dec. 15. A total of 15,768 ballots were sent to the membership, of which 1,855 were returned for tabulation. The election results for the Board of Trustees officer and  trustee-at-large position are as follows:

    • President-Elect: Robert E. Wiggins Jr., MD, MHA
    • Senior Secretary for Advocacy: George A. Williams, MD
    • Trustee-at-Large: Anna Luisa Di Lorenzo, MD
    • Trustee-at-Large: Aaron P. Weingeist, MD

    Bylaws approved:

    Article 1.17: Makes Associate and Industry Members ineligible for Inactive Member status.

    Article 1.15: Expands Member-in-Training category to include PGY-1 trainees matched into an ophthalmology residency.

    Article 1.01: Creates a membership class for U.S. and Canadian medical students.

    Article 1.15.1: Outlines requirements for medical student membership.

    Article 1.20: Allows for medical students to transfer to the Member-in-Training category without reapplication.

    Read the full amendment language in the Academy's Blog.

    Election Summary

    • Total ballots distributed: 15,768
    • Valid returns: 1,855
    • Percent total returns: 12%
    • Voting by mail: 334
    • Voting by Internet: 1,855

    Results supplied by the Academy’s election agent, Intelliscan, Inc.