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  • David Chang, MD, Gives to the Surgical Scope Fund – Here’s Why

    Of all of our clinical skills, proficiency in ophthalmic surgery took the most time, experience, and supervision to achieve. Mastering the necessary combination of cognitive and technical skills requires the carefully structured and monitored training that can only an accredited residency program following medical school can provide.

    None appreciate the perils of ophthalmic surgery better than us. Our consequential responsibility is to advocate for patient safety, so that only those with proper training – ophthalmologists – are allowed to operate on this precious, fragile organ. That’s why every ophthalmologist should join me in contributing to the Surgical Scope Fund.
    David Chang, MD

    Be a Champion for Preserving Sight by Supporting the Surgical Scope Fund

    The Academy’s Surgical Scope Fund is ophthalmology’s most effective tool in defeating dangerous optometric surgery initiatives that threaten the high standards of surgical safety that every eye patient deserves. Optometry will spend millions this year to gain surgical privileges.

    Counter their efforts with your Surgical Scope Fund contribution and reaffirm your commitment to protecting sight. Give today.