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  • Julia Haller, MD: Why She Contributes to the Surgical Scope Fund

    Life is short, and the art long, opportunity fleeting, experience perilous and judgment difficult.

    – Hippocrates

    I am grateful daily for each and every one of the long hours I spent learning the art of retinal surgery and for all of the opportunities and experiences and judgment calls along the way that now critically benefit my patients on their often-perilous and difficult journeys.

    Those long hours are a sacrifice we physicians make as part of our commitment to excellence in patient care. It is a noble commitment that goes back to the days of Hippocrates and is something our patients rely on – and why we have earned their trust. I contribute to the Surgical Scope Fund to protect that trust.

    Be a Champion for Preserving Sight by Supporting the Surgical Scope Fund

    The Academy’s Surgical Scope Fund is ophthalmology’s most effective tool in defeating dangerous optometric surgery initiatives that threaten the high standards of surgical safety that every eye patient deserves. Optometry will spend millions this year to gain surgical privileges.

    Counter their efforts with your Surgical Scope Fund contribution and reaffirm your commitment to protecting sight. Give today.