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  • Why Robert H. Osher, MD, Gives to the Surgical Scope Fund

    “Cataract surgery is a beautiful, elegant procedure. I’ve spent countless hours studying, practicing, and traveling to become the best cataract surgeon I can be. It’s frightening to think that this demanding procedure or any other eye surgery could be performed by anyone other than a highly trained ophthalmic surgeon. We each took an oath to protect our patients. That’s why I contribute to the Surgical Scope Fund and that’s why I’m urging you to do the same.”

    Robert H. Osher, MD
    Professor of Ophthalmology
    College of Medicine
    University of Cincinnati; Medical Director
    Emeritus of Cincinnati Eye Institute

    When high surgical standards are threatened nationwide, the Academy’s Surgical Scope Fund can deliver resources, expertise and winning strategies for protecting patient safety and preserving surgery by surgeons.

    Make your confidential Surgical Scope Fund contribution today.