AAO 2019 Video Program

    This video will describe the surgical technique of 27-gauge vitrectomy only for simultaneous rescue and repositioning with sutureless intrascleral fixation of a three-piece dislocated IOL in the vitreous cavity. After 27-gauge vitrectomy, a 27-gauge extrusion cannula was placed on the center of the IOL optic to lift it to the pupillary plane. The tip of the haptic of the IOL was then grasped with a 27-gauge forceps introduced through the cannula. The 27-gauge cannula was pulled out, and the haptic was externalized. The same steps were followed with the other haptic. Flanges were created on both haptics by melting the tips with an ophthalmic cautery. The haptics were then fixated by gently pushing them back into the scleral tunnels. There were no intraocular or postoperative complications.