By Gerardo Villarreal MD; Celso Ponce; Jesus Hernandez
    Cataract/Anterior Segment

    During phacoemulsification, it is not a rare event the extraction of an IOL. Actual techinques include a bigger incision, more viscoelastic material, prolonged IOL manipulation in the anterior chamber, dangerous scissors or instruments that cut the IOL in two or more pieces to extract them. We developed a technique (U techinque) in wich IOL can be extracted by a 2.7 wound with minimal IOL manipulation, no special instruments and in a very short time (2 min aprox). 1- We use a regular amount of viscoelastic material and move IOL to the anterior chamber. 2- With vannas sissors we make a small cut from the edge to the exact center of the IOL. 3- We grab the IOL by one of the cutted edges using 0.12 forceps and extract the first part. 4- With part of the IOL out, we then rotate the rest to extract the full body, Like a U turn. This is a fast, easy, inexpensive and secure technique.