AAO2021 Video Program

    Through this video, we intend to demonstrate a few technically challenging cases of recurrent retinal detachments with varied presentations. All video records of patients undergoing surgery for recurrent retinal detachment were reviewed. The location of proliferative vitreoretinopathy in primary presentation and redetachment or any other causes for redetachment were noted. Cases were grouped into different categories based on the cause for retinal redetachment. Surgical techniques in tackling causes for redetachment were explored. Common causes for recurrent retinal detachment included incompletely peeled posterior hyaloid membranes, star fold formation under the oil, intrinsic retinal contraction and subretinal bands. Subretinal oil migration was also noticed in a few cases. A good share of patients benefited greatly, with the restoration of good vision. So it is important to analyze and understand causes for recurrent retinal detachment to fine-tune our surgical approach for a better clinical outcome.