AAO 2019 Video Program
    Refractive Mgmt/Intervention

    Purpose To ascertain stability and safety of a new technique of intrascleral IOL fixation. Methods Instruments commonly used for small-incision cataract extraction were used to fix a rigid PMMA IOL onto the sclera. The outcome of the surgery in 43 consecutive aphakic eyes was studied prospectively. ResultsThe corrected distance visual acuity improved significantly at 6 weeks (P = .039). The mean residual spectacle correction in spherical equivalent was 0.74 ± 1.2 D at the last follow-up of 14.35 ± 6.71 weeks. Lens centration (kappa 0.411; P = .001) and position on ultrasound biomicroscopy (kappa 0.762; P < .001) assessed by two independent blinded observers was satisfactory. Transient vitreous hemorrhage (37.2%) and cystoid macular edema (11.6%) were the most common complications. Total cost of surgery was <50 USD. Conclusion This technique is stable, easily done and possible to perform using low-cost instruments.