By Howard V Gimbel MD MPH FRCSC
    Cataract/Anterior Segment

    In the absence of in-bag fixation, different surgical methods are used to fixate the IOL, ranging from iris and scleral suturing to optic capture of the IOL. This video portrays a new technique as an alternate surgical approach to fixate dislocated or decentered sulcus or sulcus/bag IOLs to the remnant capsule or a capsular membrane, or in the secondary correction of aphakia. This secondary surgical technique, coined as 'capsule membrane suture' (CMS) fixation, involves suturing of the IOL haptics to the remnant capsule or membrane in order to achieve capsule membrane fixation of the IOL. This technique extends the advantages of capsular IOL fixation when otherwise in-bag fixation is compromised and optic capture fixation is not possible.