Glaucoma Subspecialty Day 2017
    Glaucoma, Uveitis

    Dr. Anupama Anchala discusses the progression of a patient who was taken to the operating room for surgical iridectomy and anterior chamber triamcinolone acetonide (Kenalog). After this, the patient underwent posterior subtenon Kenalog OD and anterior subtenon Kenalog OS for improved uveitis control. His IOPs eventually rose to 38 and 32, and plans are to implant Ahmed valves in both eyes to manage his steroid-response glaucoma. She concludes that the management of uveitis and the complications of the ensuing glaucoma is difficult. This patient exhibited many of the inherent complications of persistent intraocular inflammation: iris bombe, then requiring surgical iridectomy, followed by steroid-response glaucoma necessitating Ahmed valve implantation.