By Arturo J. Ramirez-Miranda, MD; Juan Manuel Paulin Hueria, MD; Eduardo Chavez-Mondragon, MD; Gilberto Islas, MD; Abelardo Rodriguez-Reyes, MD
    Cataract/Anterior Segment

    Purpose Autosomal dominant congenital microcoria (CMC) a rare disorder due to a maldevelopment of the dilator muscle of the iris, pupil diameter less than 2mm, associated with juvenile glaucoma and myopia. Methods A 62 years old female with microcoria since birth, her son and grandson affected underwent ophthalmologic and UBM examination. She underwent phacoemulsification with and pupil margin biopsy. Results UBM examination confirmed the diagnosis of CMC. H & E stain showed a thinned muscle layer and normal stroma, Masson trichromic stain confirmed the thinned layer with no fibrotic changes. Conclusions The histopatologic and UBM data reported were consistent with CMC pathophysiology, and the UBM could be a great option when the patients do not need surgery.