AAO 2020 Video Program

    Traumatic aniridia and aphakia correction is surgically challenging. The purpose of this video is to detail a technique for the correction of aniridia and aphakia, performed on a 60-year-old patient. The combined implant included a preoperatively prepared three-piece acrylic IOL (Sensar AR40e, AMO, USA) sutured to the underside of a custom-made artificial fiber iris (CustomFlex Artificial Iris, HumanOptics, Germany). The combined IOL-iris implant was inserted into the eye through a 7 mm-wide scleral tunnel, and Gore-Tex sutures (W.L. Gore & Associates, USA) were used to suture the implant to the sclera through 23-gauge sclerotomies under nasal and temporal scleral flaps. The patient recovered well, with marked improvement of glare complaints and no major complications throughout a three-month follow-up period. Best corrected visual acuity improved from 20/400 to 20/60 Snellen at the last follow-up. The authors believe this technique ensures correct IOL centering and good anatomical and functional results.