By Rohit C Khanna DO; Srivalli Kaza MS; Virender S Sangwan MBBS
    Cataract/Anterior Segment

    Performing phacoemulsification in difficult situations is a challenging task, even in the hands of experienced surgeons, and it becomes worse if the situation is "do or die!"––namely, a subluxated lens in a chronic angle-closure glaucoma, a condition relatively contraindicated for anterior chamber lens or a scleral fixated lens. This is more challenging if the subluxation is more than 180°. This video demonstrates the difficulties encountered during each step, starting from making a capsulorrhexis, implanting the endocapsular ring, and performing hydroprocedures, phacoemulsification, cortical cleanup, and IOL implantation. This video also highlights the surprises encountered and the appropriate steps in management of the surprises and difficulties.