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    By Masataka Kasaoka, MD; Takashi Urano; Ryoji Yamakawa, MD, PhD

    Purpose In clinical practice, intravitreal injections are increasing more and more, but intraoperative contamination causes severe complications, especially endophthalmitis. We developed a new disposable lid speculum with a drape for intravitreal injections. Methods The lid speculum consists of two oval rings made of polyacetal resin and a transparent elastic silicone membrane attached to the rings. We evaluated the lid speculum in intravitreal injections of anti-VEGF drug. Results The lid speculum was easy to attach and detach in every patient, and blocked completely eyelashes and secretion of meibomian glands from coming into the surgical field. All surgeries were finished without trouble. Conclusions This lid speculum may be useful in preventing infection and cost- and time-effective in treating many patients.