AAO 2019 Video Program

    Purpose To demonstrate the increased outflow using the blanching of the episcleral vessels during 180-degree viscodilation and trabeculotomy. Methods 180-degree viscodilation and trabeculotomy using the OMNI system (Sight Sciences) was performed addressing the nasal and superior angle in this case. Preop IOP was 18 mmHg on three topical medications. Results After treatment, while removing viscoelastic and irrigating the anterior chamber, significant blanching of the episcleral vessels was seen in the distribution corresponding to the area of treatment. Patient's IOP at day 1 was 9 mmHg and 13 mmHg at 3 months off meds. Conclusion Real-time confirmation of increased outflow can be seen by evaluating the blanching of the episcleral vessels after viscodilation and trabeculotomy