By Iurii Belyi, DO; Dmitry O. Shkvorchenko, MD; Pavel Lyskin, MD
    AAO 2015

    This video demonstrates a step-by-step technique of internal limiting membrane (ILM) fragment formation for large macular hole closure. The highlights of the new technique include formation and removal of ILM fragments, leaving intact the area around the macular hole, as well as the formation of the ILM fragment and its turning to close the macular hole. For all 7 patients, 3 months after the operation, the structure of the retina was preserved, the fragment of the ILM was on the surface of the retina, the outer limiting membrane had a linear profile all along, and the defect at the outer segments of photoreceptors was not detected. This technique allows for the closing of macular holes of any size and saves the newly formed fixation point.