AAO 2018 Video Program
    Glaucoma, Medical Therapy

    This video demonstrates the surgical technique and results of bleb repair by free conjunctival autograft in a 49-year-old man. He presented initially with irritatation, redness, and vision decreased to light perception (LP) in the right eye, and no LP the left eye. He had a history of advanced, primary, open-angle glaucoma and had undergone combined cataract and glaucoma surgery with mitomycin C 3 years before presentation. He was diagnosed with bleb infection with hypopyon, but the vitreous was clear. He was treated medically with intensive topical steroids, fortified cefazoline, and fluoroquinolone. One month later we performed free conjunctival autograft for thin cystic bleb with hypotony. Six weeks postoperatively, his visual acuity improved to 20/100, the IOP was 12 mm Hg without any antiglaucoma medication, and the bleb appearance was healthy.