By Justine R. Smith, MD
    Subspecialty Day 2012: Uveitis

    In this presentation from the 2012 Annual Meeting, Dr. Justine Smith discusses immunomodulatory therapy for inflammatory eye disease. More than 10 years ago, an expert panel recommended that corticosteroid-sparing agents be added if inflammation is not controlled with 10 mg predisone, however, it was later reported that 75% of ophthalmologists are not doing so, and in fact after 4 years, the average dose approaches 35 mg. Dr. Smith details her recommendations, including working with a chemotherapist to determine the cause of the inflammation, working with a qualified local physician,and distinguishing between uveitis with and without systemic association. She also recommends getting advice on other relevant issues including coexistent infectious disease and pregnancy, and clearly defining the management responsibilities of each provider.

    Financial Disclosure: Dr. Smith receives grant support from the Collins Trust and the National Eye Institute.