By Thais Sousa Mendes MD

    PURPOSE: To discuss the application of vital dyes and to describe the use of Green Light, a new technique, as an enhancer for visualization during internal limiting membrane (ILM) peeling in macular hole surgery. METHODS: Imovie v 8.0.1 and Keynote 5.0.1. RESULTS: The vital dyes facilitate the removal of the ILM, but the adverse effects on the retina have been widely reported in recent years. The use of Green Light proved helpful during the peeling of the ILM. The retina is less likely to be at great risk with this method. CONCLUSION: The ILM removal during macular hole surgery is a challenge for the retina surgeon. The Green Light–assisted ILM peeling has been shown to be a safer, feasible, low-cost, and apparently safe alternative.