AAO 2019 Video Program

    Tube-related complications are well known following implantation of glaucoma drainage devices (GDDs). Among others, the tubes can migrate into or out of the eye with the passage of time. A tube that has migrated into the anterior chamber (AC) is a threat to the corneal endothelium and can lead to corneal decompensation if not corrected in time. Conversely, a tube that has migrated outside (retracted) loses connection with the AC, leading to rise in IOP. This video demonstrates our technique of trimming a tube that has migrated into the AC. The technique is simple, with minimal manipulations in the AC. Tubes retracting out of the AC are difficult to reinsert and need a tube extender. Tube extenders are bulky and predispose to conjunctival erosion. Our technique uses an extra length of tube (from another implant) and joins it with the retracted tube to gain length. It does not add any bulk at the junction and can be easily inserted into the AC