By Jung Hye Lee, MD

    PURPOSE: Many different techniques for medial canthoplasty in blepharophimosis syndrome have potential problems with scarring of the medial canthal and nasal area. We describe a medial canthoplasty with skin redraping method. METHOD: The curvilinear incision line is designed by a horizontal line passing through new and current medial canthal points and an extended subciliary line. After releasing skin tension by excision of dense connective tissue, medial canthal plication is performed. The skin flaps are trimmed appropriately, and closed. RESULTS: Telecanthus and epicanthus inversus in blepharophimosis can be successfully corrected. CONCLUSION: This method is simple and easy to perform, and ophthalmologists are familiar with this subciliary approach. The surgical result is excellent, without a noticeable scar.