By Ho-Seok Sa, MD, PHD; Jiwon Seo; Yoon-Duck Kim, MD
    AAO 2015

    In this video, the authors describe a new technique for superonasal orbitotomy assisted by superior lateral cantholysis. Six consecutive patients underwent orbital surgeries for the lesions lying within the superonasal intraconal space by means of the presenting technique. Lateral canthotomy and superior lateral cantholysis were performed to get enough exposure to the superonasal conjunctival fornix. This enabled a transconjunctival approach without medial rectus detachment, upper eyelid incision, or vertical lid splitting to access the deep superonasal orbit. The technique has many advantages over conventional approaches, especially in terms of excellent exposure, minimizing normal tissue damage, short operation time, and good cosmetic outcome. This approach can be a good option for the lesions in the deep superonasal orbit.