AAO 2020 Video Program
    Cataract/Anterior Segment, New Technology & Instruments

    In this video, we evaluated the use of the Xpand (Diamatrix), a nitinol pupil expander with a 6.7-mm internal aperture created from a laser-welded wire for a technique called iridocapsular capture. A cadaver eye study, as well as use of the device in surgical cases with weak zonules, showed the stability of the capsular bag / zonular complex during all of the steps of the phacoemulsification procedure, and up to IOL implantation. In pseudophakic eyes, stability was also maintained during viscodissection of the capsulorrhexis edge and irrigation / aspiration of Soemmering ring material, as well as mobilization of the haptics of the IOL out of the equatorial region. Owing to its design and material characteristics, use of this new pupil expander to perform iridocapsular capture is a promising technique in cases with zonular instability.