AAO 2018 Video Program
    Phakic IOLs, Refractive Mgmt/Intervention

    We introduce a kind of surgery called "no viscoat" phakic posterior chamber intraocular lens implantation. We don't need to use viscoat to maintain the anterior chamber and load the IOL. We maintain the anterior chamber by perfusing physiological saline continuously. We have performed "no viscoat" surgery in 548 cases and "viscoat" surgery in 988 cases. There were no significant differences in postoperative uncorrected visual acuity or corneal endothelium cell counts (p > 0.05). The mean operation time was much shorter in the "no viscoat" group than in the "viscoat" group. The incidence of temporarily high IOP was less in the "no viscoat" group than in the "viscoat" group (p < 0.05).