By Samar K. Basak, MD, DNB, MBBS
    Cornea/External Disease

    This video film demonstrates use of Boston Keratoprosthesis (Boston KPRO-1) for a unique indication. A 25-year-old lady came for cosmetic reason in left eye (LE) before her marriage and opted for evisceration and prosthesis. She underwent therapeutic PK for fungal corneal ulcer - about a year back. On examination: Right eye was normal with 20/20 vision. LE - vision PL with accurate projection. LE had failed graft with severe deep vascularisation and recurrent corneal fistula. Finger tension and USG B scan were normal. UBM showed thick retrocorneal membrane, irregular PAS and clear crystalline lens. After repeated counseling, an aphakic type Boston KPRO-1 was performed. Next day she regained 20/60 vision; after 4 weeks, BCVA 20/30, tension normal; and after 6 months, BCVA was 20/25; N6. With cosmetic contact lens, she regained her lost paradise and is now preparing for marriage.