AAO 2020 Video Program
    Cataract/Anterior Segment, Wound Construction

    We present postoperative results of the I-fixation technique for intrascleral haptic fixation. The I-fixation technique that we devised is a new technique that combines a self-sealing wound and angled scleral tunnel. The I-fixation technique was used in 35 eyes. Statistically, the corrected distance visual acuity improved significantly following surgery. At patient follow-up three months after surgery, the only complications seen were a temporary rise in IOP in one eye and a vitreous hemorrhage in one eye. There were no cases of hypotony due to wound leakage, subconjunctival haptic or haptic extrusion. Self-sealing wounds improved wound closure without having to use the lamellar scleral flap, fibrin glue, ultra-fine needles or suturing, and the angled scleral tunnel leads to the prevention of problems from occurring at the haptic. The I-fixation technique has various advantages and is considered to be a useful surgical technique in intrascleral fixation.