By Hong Kyun Kim, MD; Han Sang Park; Jung Hun Lee; Hyo Jin Hyun, MD
    Cataract/Anterior Segment

    Purpose: To introduce the concept of augmented reality in ophthalmic microsurgery. Methods: Examples of surgical techniques using a newly developed computer program "Real time data center" are presented in this video. Results: Preoperatively measured surgical data were integrated through a form of computer files and could be reviewed whenever needed. In cararact surgery, a real-time tracking CCC line could be displayed. The central point and axis of an IOL could be pointed out. In secondary sclera fixation of an IOL, the positions of the sclera flap and IOL could be easily indicated. In penetrating keratoplasty, an ink marking could be replaced with a virtual overlay. Conclusions: Using this technique, the surgical efficiency and accuracy can be improved.