Retina Subspecialty Day 2016
    Macular Disease, Retina/Vitreous

    Dr. Philip Rosenfeld presents the results of this phase 2 study:


    • There was no safety signal that would preclude continued investigation.
    • After extensive MRI monitoring, amyloid-related imaging abnormalities, edema detected, were low (< 1%).


    • Exposure to GSK933776 increased proportional to dose.
    • Free Aβ decreased with near maximum reduction observed in the 15 mg/kg arm.


    • There was no slowing of GA enlargement rate with GSK933776 in the primary analysis or among prospectively defined subpopulations.
    • There was no clinically meaningful slowing of decline relative to placebo in visual function measures.

    Pharmacogenetics and Low Luminance Deficits

    • "CFI" genetic biomarker (rs17440077) status did not have a have a significant affect on GA enlargement rate.
    • LLVA deficit at BL correlated with GA enlargement rate overall.