By Akshay G. Nair, MD; Milind N. Naik, MBBS; Mohammad J. Ali, MBBS, MS; Swathi Kaliki, MD
    AAO 2014
    Ocular Pathology/Oncology

    Angular dermoid cysts are benign, slow-growing tumors that are common in the periorbital region. They usually present as an internal or external angular dermoid. The gold standard for their treatment is open surgical excision via a skin incision that forms a scar over time, which can be unsightly. Sclerotherapy is a treatment modality used in the management of visceral cysts, varicose veins, cystic lymphangiomas, and orbitopalpebral cysts. The authors have used sclerotherapy in the management of large periorbital dermoid cysts, and this video highlights this technique. The sclerosant used is sodium tetradecyl sulphate, an anionic surfactant.