By David Kohn, MD; Paola Mosqueda, MD; Itzhak Hemo MD; Denise Wajnsztajn, MD
    AAO 2014

    In this case report, a 16-year-old experiences decreased OD vision 2 hours after a 3-second eye exposure to a blue laser pointer. Visual acuity was hand motion and exam revealed a small vitreous hemorrhage, a preretinal hemorrhage, and a large sub-ILM hemorrhage on the macular area, which was confirmed by OCT. At 4 weeks, there was little improvement, and at 5 weeks, 25-gauge pars plana vitrectomy and ILM peeling were performed. At 6 weeks, visual acuity improved to 1.2 D, and at 3 months, there was no permanent retinal pigment epithelium damage.