AAO 2016 Best of Show Videos
    Cataract/Anterior Segment, IOLs and Implantation

    Purpose Managing vitreous in posterior capsule rupture (PCR) is a challenge to cataract surgeons. Despite adequate vitreous management, IOL stability is often not perfect. This film highlights the value of performing a symmetric anterior vitreous face removal, creating a symmetric scaffold for stable IOL fixation. Methods Surgeons always aim to remove vitreous from the anterior chamber and achieve stable IOL fixation in a PCR. We use case scenarios, animations, and experiments to demonstrate the importance of removing prolapsed anterior vitreous symmetrically behind the IOL optic to achieve better IOL stability. We compared the limbal with the pars plana approach. Results We highlight how important it is to symmetrically remove anterior vitreous from behind PCR and behind the IOL optic. The pars plana approach helped us to achieve this better. Conclusions Clearing prolapsed anterior vitreous symmetrically behind the posterior capsule can help in achieving more symmetric IOL placement