By Partha Biswas, MD; Koel Chowdhury, PhD; Rashmi Mukherjee; Subhrangshu Sengupta; Tushar K. Sinha, MBBS; Ajoy Paul, MBBS, MS
    Cataract/Anterior Segment

    Purpose To examine the surface characteristics of 18 IOLs using Atomic Force Microscope. Methods A silicon cantilever, 50 microns in length was vibrated near its resonance frequency of 320 kHz to assess the surface quality of the 18 IOLs. Results Silicone IOLs have roughness parameters lower than PMMA, HEMA & most Acrylic Hydrophilic but higher than Acrylic Hydrophobic IOLs. Acrylic Hydrophilic IOLs have higher roughness parameters than Acrylic Hydrophobic IOLs, with the exception of one Hydrophilic IOL in our study. Conclusion The AFM is an essential tool for the accurate roughness parameter assessment and quality control of current IOLs.