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  • Expo

  • The AAO 2023 Expo took place Saturday–Monday, Nov. 4–6, in San Francisco.

    Exhibitor List

    Find the exhibitor list in the Mobile Meeting Guide.

    1. Click the Expo button on the homepage.

    2. Select Find Exhibitors.

    You can search by company name or categories such as products, medical specialties, common equipment terms and basic ophthalmic conditions.

    Connecting with the Academy

    Learn more about the Academy Resource Center.

    Learning Opportunities

    Many non-CME educational options were available in the Expo, including:

    • Learning Lounge. Informal group discussions facilitated by key opinion leaders.

    • Poster Theater. Presentations of select posters by topic, moderated by mentors and colleagues. You can view posters in the Mobile Meeting Guide and in the virtual meeting.

    • Truhlsen-Marmor Museum of the Eye ®. Visitors saw the new "Doctor and Detective: History of Ophthalmic Diagnostics." Diagnostic instruments help physicians visualize anatomy, quantify observations and create empirical evidence in order to solve a case.

    • Showcase Theater. Industry Showcases highlighting the latest innovations, and technology sessions focused on trends and tools led by colleagues.

    Look for these opportunities in 2024!

    Lead Retrieval/ Scanning Your Badge

    When you attend the Expo, exhibitors will scan your badge. This releases your contact information, registration type, practice type and subspecialty information to the exhibitor. Companies will then follow up with you with specific product information.