• Mobile Meeting Guide

    The Mobile Meeting Guide is the source for attendees to access the latest and most valuable meeting information, including essential program updates and handouts. It also contains enhanced search and calendar features, messaging and announcements.

    The Academy is constantly developing new features to improve the user experience. Responsive design allows access to content re-sized for desktop computers, mobile devices, smartphones and tablets.

    Your branding will appear throughout the Mobile Meeting Guide:

    • Corporate logo with booth number on the Mobile Meeting Guide splash screen;
    • Banner ad on the main menu page and all non-program related pages;
    • One (1) pre-meeting announcement and one (1) announcement per day during the meeting;
    • A Supporter Information page within the Mobile Meeting Guide.


    • General meeting information including shuttle schedules,
    • Full scientific program including abstracts and course handouts,
    • Subspecialty Day meeting information and schedules,
    • Full practice management/AAOE program including abstracts and course handouts,
    • Full ASORN nursing program information,
    • Access to scientific e-posters and videos,
    • Alumni and related-group listings,
    • Exhibitor search, and
    • Floor plans.

    Distribution/Media Reach

    In 2018, the Mobile Meeting Guide splash screen (with branded attribution) was viewed over 88,000 times. The supporting company’s banner ad was seen more than 184,000 times.

    Meeting attendees can access this easy to use application software (which runs in a web browser) from any web-enabled device. It is optimized for the latest iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Attendees can also visit the Mobile Meeting Guide from internet access terminals in the convention center. Technical support staff are also available onsite at the EyePlay Experience area. 

    The Academy promotes the Mobile Meeting Guide to attendees through the website, blast emails and newsletters, print advertising and social media announcements.

    The Mobile Meeting Guide will launch in late September.


    $59,000 Exclusive Sponsorship




    Only AAO 2019 exhibitors may reserve Academy annual meeting-related marketing opportunities. Review Promotional Opportunities Policies for more information.


    All marketing opportunities are available on a first-come basis and are assigned at the discretion of the Academy.

    Commitment Deadline

    July 29

    Logo Artwork Requirements

    Provide a company logo to be used on the splash screen. File format: EPS with 300 DPI.

    Email file to Abigail Greber, Academy Promotions Manager.

    Banner Ad Artwork Requirements

    Provide two (2) banner ads:

    1. 320 pixels wide by 64 pixels high
    2. 768 pixels wide by 64 pixels high

    File format: GIF with no more than six (6) rotating frames.

    File size: 45KB max.

    Artwork Deadline

    Aug. 12

    Announcement Requirements

    Provide one (1) pre-meeting announcement and one (1) announcements per day during the meeting from Saturday, Oct. 12 to Tuesday, Oct. 15.

    • Total of five (5) announcements.
    • Specify the start date and time, as well as the end date and time, for each announcement.
    • Each announcement may not exceed 150 characters.

    Note: All copy is subject to Academy pre-approval.

    Support Information Page Requirements

    Submit promotional text and images, laid out in HTML. 

    Note: All copy is subject to Academy pre-approval.

    Final Materials Due

    Aug. 26

    Email materials for announcements and for the support information webpage to Abigail Greber, Academy Promotions Manager.