• AAO 2019 Virtual Meeting

    Virtual Meeting

    The Virtual Meeting will be live-streamed from AAO 2019 in San Francisco from Oct. 12 to 15 to an expected audience of 3,000 ophthalmologists from all over the world.

    The Virtual Meeting is designed to enhance the face-to-face meeting experience with a virtual component, as well as reach physicians who are unable to attend the live meeting. Content will be archived for ophthalmologists to access after AAO 2019.

    Participants will be able to view 20 total hours of content covering a variety of topics, including AMD; lens and cornea refractive surgery; glaucoma; cornea; cataract; anterior segment; ocular infections; diabetic retinopathy and retinal vascular disease; and optic neuritis. These valuable educational sessions will address the challenges of implementing the most up-to-date guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of these conditions.

    A physician moderator is assigned to each live stream to engage the virtual audience and pass their questions along to the speakers in the live meeting. The Virtual Meeting does not offer CME credit.

    Support Opportunity/Benefits

    • Acknowledgment on the landing page on the platform and in the virtual theater
    • Recognition* in the Academy Foundation annual report, on Aao.org and on the donor wall

    Support Level


    Pledge Support

    Contact Todd Lyckberg, Director of Development.

    Commitment Deadline

    Sept. 1

    * Cumulative support will be recognized in 2019