• Fraud Alert

    Several fraudulent companies, pretending to be associated with the Academy and AAO 2019, may appear in web searches or may have contacted you via email. Fraudulent sites can appear similar to the Academy's site, in some cases even using the Academy's logo. They claim that they can book hotel rooms and/or register you for the Academy's annual meeting but they are unaffiliated with the Academy. They will take your money and may, or may not, complete the transaction. If they do reserve a room or register you it will be at a higher rate than through the Academy’s website. The Academy continues to work through legal channels to shut these false websites down, but new ones pop up every day.

    How to Spot a Fake

    • The site says that they can “prebook” hotel rooms.
    • They request a deposit larger than one night stay or even demand full prepayment.
    • They require you to complete a form on their website and then make you wait to be contacted about rooms.
    • They are charging more for registration than is posted on the AAO 2019 registration categories and fees webpage.
    • They ask you to verify your membership by requesting both a member ID and password.
    • The email links you to a "special" website for AAO 2019 that is not connected to AAO.org.

    Avoid Scams, Use the Academy's Site

    To avoid these scams, it is very important that you only book hotel rooms and registration through the links provided by the Academy. The official hotel reservation provider for AAO 2019 is Expovision. Be sure to verify the site address in any link before continuing.

    If you are ever in doubt, you can email meetings@aao.org or call 1.415.561.8500, or contact Expovision directly: aaohotels@expovision.com or toll free at 1.866.774.0487.