• AAO 2020 Virtual Help

  • AAO 2020 Virtual User Guide

    Review the features of the AAO 2020 Virtual platform with our User Guide (PDF 1.5MB).

    Computer System Recommendations

    You will need a computer with an internet connection, as well as speakers or headphones to access AAO 2020 Virtual. The meeting platform, Intrado, runs best on the Chrome or Firefox browser. If you do not already have these browsers on your computer, follow the links below:

    Now is also a good time to check whether you have the most up-to-date versions of these browsers.

    Recommended browsers/versions:

    • Chrome version 85 or higher

    • Firefox version 81 or higher

    • Safari iOS 13 or higher (iPads, iPhones)

    Disable your pop-up blocker for a better user experience.

    System Check

    Conduct a System Check to make sure that your computer is ready for the event.

    Log In Help

    You will log in to AAO 2020 Virtual with your Academy username and password.

    Can't remember your username? You can visit the Forgot Email/Username webpage to find this information.

    The Academy does not give out your password and will not email this information to you. If you cannot remember your password please visit the Forgot Password webpage to reset it.

    If you believe that you have an Academy account and are unable to log in, DON'T CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT. Follow the steps above or contact:


    Tel: 866.561.8558 (toll free, U.S. only) or +1.415.561.8581

    Virtual Meeting Platform Help

    If you have any questions or problems with the Intrado virtual meeting platform contact event support.

    Program Planning Tools

    When you login to AAO 2020 Virtual you will have two ways to view the program and build a personal schedule.

    In the Sessions area you will find listings of the live broadcast sessions.

    1. On the top navigation menu select “Sessions” then choose Agenda, CME Theater or Industry Showcase theater in the drop down.

    2. Search by day.

    3. Click the “Add Reminder” or “Add to Agenda” button to add sessions to your Agenda.

    In the Virtual Meeting Guide you will find listings of the live broadcast sessions plus all on demand content:

    1. On the top navigation menu select “Meeting Guide” then choose the Virtual Meeting Guide in the drop down.

    2. Click on “Program Search” in the meeting guide’s left menu to review sessions.
      • Sessions that will be live broadcast Friday – Sunday are designated with a V for Virtual Meeting Live Broadcast.
      • Sessions that are available to view at any time on demand are designated with a red REC symbol.
      • Sessions that have both symbols mean that the session's live broadcast was recorded and is available on demand.

    3. When you choose a specific session you can click the green plus symbol in the upper right to add items to your Personal Planner.

    4. You can also export or print your planner when you select the blue “Options” button.

    Have More Questions?

    Event questions: Email meetings@aao.org.

    Registration questions: Email registration@aao.org.