• Apply for Rotary Club Host Project to Attend AAO

    The Rotary Club Host Project works to bring ophthalmologists from developing countries to the United States to observe a practice and attend the Academy’s annual meeting. Selected ophthalmologists will be invited to spend two weeks in the United States in November 2020.

    The first week will be spent in the community of the sponsoring Rotary Club, working with a local ophthalmologist and engaging in professional, educational and social activities. The second week will be spent attending AAO 2020 in Las Vegas. Expenses will be covered.


    Apply for the Rotary Host Club Project Now

    The application and all supporting documents are due no later than 29 February 2020.

    Incomplete and late applications will not be accepted. 


    The Project is interested in guests that:

    • Are not in training
    • Have practiced ophthalmology for 2 to 10 years after formal training
    • Are committed to the prevention of blindness
    • In a position to allow themselves to share knowledge gained with colleagues and will train others in the prevention of blindness
    • Have a good command of the English language
    • Are not, and have never been a member of the Academy
    • Have never attended an Academy annual meeting
    • Do not have and cannot obtain the financial resources to benefit from international meetings and educational experiences


    Email questions to ahastings@aao.org

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    The conference itself was all around perfect. With great insights on the newest trends in ophthalmology, I was able to benefit from a very wide range of topics in various subspecialties. It added great depth to my knowledge of ophthalmology.

    Since my return, I have been able to organize smaller groups where I passed down the knowledge gathered. My practice has not remained the same and I know that this will go a long way in the fight against blindness in this country. My host and mentor Dr. Raju would always remind me that "perfection is a moving target and there is no end to learning." My special thanks goes to him, who made all of this possible for me, and to the entire crew of the Academy Rotary program.

    —Ngozi C. Oguego, MD, Nigeria