• Burning Tech Questions?

    Three places to find the experts to answer your pressing tech questions: 

    Technology Pavilion
    Booth 168

    Academy members and independent consultants offer FREE user-friendly sessions on the latest technology trends for business, clinical and academic applications. Master the Mobile Meeting Guide, learn what's new on the ONE® Network and IRIS® Registry, get a an eye-opening primer on cybersecurity, examine some of the latest advances in electronic devices for patients with impaired vision and much more.

    Find a full schedule of talks on the Technology Pavilion web page.

    The Electronic Office, IHE Eye Care
    Booth 121

    Learn about available incentives for demonstrating meaningful use and interoperability with EHR systems. Experience how integrating your EHR systems and imaging devices can improve efficiency and accuracy in your practice.

    Tech Bar in the Rest Stop
    Booth 780

    Stop by the Tech Bar where knowledgeable IT staff can help you navigate the Mobile Meeting Guide or troubleshoot problems with your devices onsite.