• Dr. Rubenstein's Top 10 Highlights

    This year’s meeting marks my final year as secretary for the annual meeting, so I want to share with you my top 10 highlights from the past five years:

    1. Entertaining you at the start of each year’s Opening Session. My favorite years were my first year in Orlando in 2011, when my son Danny and I put on a short Harry Potter skit, and this past year in Las Vegas, when we did our Elvis impersonations.
    2. Seeing the Learning Lounge take shape from concept to reality. This intimate learning environment is perfectly suited for small-group discussions.
    3. Meeting colleagues and friends from around the world who shape my passion for the profession.
    4. Visiting the exhibition hall to see the latest instruments and get ideas for new techniques and treatments.
    5. Being course director for the Toric Alignment Imaging and Astigmatism Surgery skills transfer lab, where I’ve watched participants learn and master new techniques.
    6. Moderating Breakfast With the Experts roundtable discussions, where I’ve not only shared my knowledge but also learned from others at the table.
    7. Watching the Mobile Meeting Guide evolve into a user-friendly and indispensable tool to use during the meeting.
    8. Seeing the success of the Academy Plus course pass, which lets attendees attend and float amongst a wide variety of clinical courses.
    9. Pushing for innovation and introducing the latest concepts and surgical treatments in ophthalmology.
    10. Introducing new named lectures such as the Michael F. Marmor MD Lecture in Ophthalmology and the Arts and the Bruce E. Spivey, MD Lecture in Risk Management and Patient Safety; and new symposia that address diverse topics such as Gulf War injuries and Ebola and the eye.

    AAO 2016 will also offer boundless opportunities to discover innovative solutions and techniques. I look forward to welcoming you back to Chicago for another exciting annual meeting.