• How to Submit a Winning AAO 2017 Abstract

    Share your expertise at AAO 2017 – Where all of ophthalmology meets®. Present new techniques and original research to your colleagues through a paper/poster or video. Follow these four tips to submit a great paper/poster or video abstract for AAO 2017 in New Orleans. The abstract submitter closes April 11.

    4 Tips for a Great AAO 2017 Paper/Poster or Video Abstract

    1. Think new. The selection committee gives greater priority to novel work. Be sure to emphasize descriptions of new or non-standard techniques used.
    2. Show us the data. When you write your abstract, be very specific. The following are frequently forgotten in paper/poster abstracts: sample size, significance, study duration and follow-up. The selection committee looks closely at numbers and whether there is enough statistical power to draw valid conclusions. 
    3. Follow the instructions. The committee ranks abstracts partly based on organization. Following all abstract guidelines outlined on the Academy website gives yours the best chance during the selection process.
    4. Proofread. The committee grades concise and clear abstracts more highly than long or disorganized ones. You have a limited number of words, so make every word count. Misspellings and typographical errors reflect poorly on your research.

    Learn more about how to submit an abstract.