• AAO 2021 Virtual Expo

  • All companies who purchased a booth for the in-person meeting in New Orleans will also receive a complimentary virtual booth in the virtual meeting.

    • There are no levels this year, every exhibitor will receive a standard digital booth with the same features.
    • If you have a virtual booth already created, you will be able to link directly to your custom booth at no additional charge.

    Virtual Meeting

    All in person physician and health professional attendees will have access to the virtual meeting. In addition, those not coming to New Orleans can purchase a registration for the virtual meeting.

    The virtual meeting platform will remain open and available to registrants through Monday, Feb. 14, 2022.

    Virtual Booth Specifications

    The following information will be pre-populated from your existing exhibitor record:

    • Name
    • Description – max of 2,000 characters
    • Website URL
    • Location – country only

    The following optional information can be supplied through the virtual meeting portal:

    • Logo
      • 300 px w by 300 px h
      • JPEG or PNG
      • White or transparent background
    • Product Categories
      • Limit of 10
      • Choose from common products, services, medical conditions and medical subspecialties
    • Social Media Links
      • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube
    • Documents
      • Limit of 3
      • PDF
      • Title the document as you want it to appear in the virtual booth.
    • Videos
      • Limit of 3.
      • Hosted on YouTube or Vimeo. Provide links only.
      • Recommended that each video is less than 10 minutes.
    • Representative Contacts
      • Limit of 2.
      • Names and emails will only be displayed in the virtual booth.
      • These representatives will not have access to the virtual meeting program or booth.
    • Drop Business Card
      • Attendees can drop a virtual business card.
    • Industry Showcases
      • Companies who have purchased a virtual industry showcase can have information about their showcase appear at the bottom of their booth.

    Virtual Booth Management

    • Booth Administrator(s)
      • Limit 2
      • These are company representatives responsible for the uploading and maintenance of their virtual booth.
    • Data Reporting
      • The Quant data reporting tool is available to purchase for $75.  

    Viewing Programming in the Virtual Meeting

    If company employees want to access the virtual meeting scientific program they will need to register in the appropriate category for the virtual meeting.