Straight From the Cutter's Mouth
    Retina/Vitreous, Vitreoretinal Surgery

    Dr. Ajay Kuriyan previews the January 2019 issue of Retinal Physician with discussion of digital imaging in vitreoretinal surgery, surgery in patients with history of ROP, VKH, and achromatopsia. Remember these articles can be found online.

    Financial Disclosures: Dr. Sridhar is a consultant for Alcon, Alimera Science, and Allergan. Dr. Kuriyan is a consultant for Regeneron, Allergan, Alimera, and Valeant and receives grant funding from Second Sight. None of these disclosures had any bearing on the following discussion.

    Selected episodes of Straight From the Cutter’s Mouth will be eligible for CME credit in the near future.